Fashion and Military, Military and Fashion.
A combination that strongly characterises the stylistic research and the fashion of the last century. Modelling, fabrics, accessories, fitting, the flavour and the historicity of a garment: these are the aspects that have always been fascinated by contemporary designers, prompting them to propose on today’s catwalks few details from the past and, specifically, from the production of military clothes.

The American field jacket 1943, the2nd World War German camouflage parka, the technical Luftwaffe pilots clothes, RAF, US Air Force or Royal Aeronautica, timeless elegance of Kriegsmarine Uniforms , or US Navy Italian Navy, the military blankets, the first stylistic evolutions Korea, the developments of Vietnam to the modern wars in the Gulf.

Along with RBNr Militaria, The Quartermaster offers one of the most important European Vintage Military Archive with more than 1500 garments from the major armies of the Twentieth Century. We are in Prato, a true Italian fashion place with more than 35,000 employees in the textile/fashion industry, historically an international reference point for the sorting of used and vintage clothing from all around the world.

You can tap into our archive or entrust us with the complete development of the product. From the fabric to buttons, from fitting the model. We are open to any kind of collaboration and co-brand that has the centre of its project, the historical inspiration and military.


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